X7 Military Polarized Shooting Glasses Kit

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X7 Polarized Shooting glasses - Limited Time Offer!

NEW! The highly rated X7 Polarized Military sunglasses come with a black frame and 4 lenses of varied colors. Neutral Grey, Brown, Transparent, and Cadmium Yellow. Each order includes a hard case for safe storage.

  • Frame is made from High Quality Polycarbonate, durable, wearable and flexible
  • UV400 Protective Lenses
  • ANSI Impact rated

Four interchangeable lenses!

  • Neutral Gray: Provide true color definition. Ideal for everyday, all purpose wear
  • Brown: Increased contrast, great for shooting at the range.
  • Clear MLC: Clear lens with special multi-layer coating. Enhances visual acuity during low light condition
  • Cadmium Yellow: High contrast yellow lens. Ideal for very low light condition

Package Includes:

- Polarized Sunglasses
- 3 Additional Lenses
- Retention belt

- Clothing Bag
- Case