Cold Dead Hands Freedom Delivery System T-Shirt

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The Cold Dead Hands "Freedom Delivery System" will explain the uses of each part of an AR.  From optics to stock... everything enhances our ability to defend our FREEDOMS.  Freedom from Tyranny.  Freedom from Oppression.  Freedom from aggression.  They all work in perfect harmony, creating one of the most prolific Freedom Delivery Systems ever developed and one of the most enjoyable platforms to shoot.  

Why not let all the Gun Grabbers know exactly how you feel about our FREEDOM as well as the most dreaded, feared, media bashed and liberally misunderstood modern rifles of all time.  And, you can let them know that you support one of the most unique 2nd Amendment Advocates at the same time... Cold Dead Hands!

Printed on quality Gildan 100% Cotton crew-neck shirts they are perfect for the range or the State of the Union. All of our shirts are printed using techniques that ensure that you will get the maximum amount of washes and wears out of them. We pride ourselves on providing quality garments and graphics for your enjoyment.

Please note that all your contributions through the purchase of our products go to furthering the fight to protect the Constitution and our Second Amendment rights. Thank you for your support.


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