CDH Governmental Advisory Morale Patch (Velcro)

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Extreme Patriotism is a terrible affliction, in the eyes of our government today it seems. Are you tired of Kumbaya-singing, social justice preaching and gun grabbing morons constantly trying to push their propaganda and political agenda down your throat? Well, with this "Governmental Advisory" Velcro Patch they'll know up front that your extreme patriotism will not be swayed by their extreme BS. Consider it a BS repellant and it will let you know who your friends are as well.

If you really want to make a statement you can boldly display the "Governmental Advisor" on the front of you Condor Tactical Hat with the Velcro front panel.

As always, what you purchase here in the CDH store helps fund our fight to defend our rights and liberties as Americans. 

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