BravoGear Compact Tactical 3X Optic Magnifier + Mount Package

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The BravoGear compact magnifier (3X) features a tough, anodized aluminum exterior and high quality internals. This tough magnifier is waterproof and has an included flip-side quick detach mount. 

Mount it behind your optic and the included flip side mount securely sets the magnifier off to the side...

...When you need to reach out further, it swings into place, tripling the magnification of your dot, without losing your zero!

High quality anodized aluminium construction.

Ships in 3-5 business days. Delivery in 1-3 weeks. 

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Uncle Art

3x Magnifier

First lets be clear-CDH says things will take 1 to 3 weeks so if you get it before end of three weeks don't *****. I my self have gotten a few things and seem to get them in a week or so. NOW about this product- I am glad as **** I did not buy the $280.00 one. the viev is clear,&sharp. eye focus is real nice. although eye relief is only about 2 inch. It did not come with any paper work at all so who knows who makes it. Adjustments are simple to do. Looks & feels like it will last awhile. Time,& use will tell. I believe it to be worth the price and a good choice if this is what your looking for. You are not likely to find one cheeper and if you do it might not be as good so I say buy this one.

Roger Q.
United States


Product is great.

William Mizerak
Little falls, United States

Nice Optic

I purchased this item last week. I was surprised by how quickly it arrived. The packaging was great as well. It came with two Allen wrenches, and a decent cloth to clean the lenses. Again bonuses that I didn't expect to come with something at this price. I bought the optic with low expectations, as I usually do not purchase items that are on the low end of the price spectrum. I figured that this was so cheap that even if it was a little loose I could work with it on one of my rifles I don't use much anymore. After I mounted it, I popped off a few rounds, and it stayed right in place. My only complaints are that the screw used to keep it attached to the rail uses a flathead instead of an Allen wrench, and that it seems to be mounted a bit higher than my eotech optic. I am guessing this was done to overlook a front sight post, which I didn't have on the rifle I was mounting it to. So I placed an aimpoint with a spacer on the rifle, and it was a perfect match. Overall I am very pleased with the purchase. I own an eotech magnifier, and was able to compare the two side by side. For the money, this exceeded my expectations, more than worth the money that was invested. Good job CDH.

Alfred Atwood

Eotech and aimpoint comp m4 - works great

Tested this (I bought two) on my DMR and carbine with eotech and aimpoint optics - works great. No complaints, solid mounting system and magnifier works likes my $200 set up. Great deal. Thanks CDH