B-Tac FAST Helmet (Ballistic Kevlar NIJ IIIA)

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The B-Tac FAST Helmet is designed to be used by special forces and SWAT units during operations at home and abroad. 

The helmet comes fitted with a universal NVG mount complete with elastomeric tensioners (bungees) and Picatinny rails which provide a solid platform for flashlights, cameras and other gear. Each helmet comes with Velcro kit included

  • Ballistic Protection - The Spec Ops Delta Mid Cut helmet meets NIJ level IIIA ballistic requirement as well as meeting and exceeding US MIL SPEC ACH fragmentation V50 requirements
  • Fragmentation Protection - Protection against fragments from 17 grain V50 2300 ft/sec (700 m/ sec) according to STANAG 2920 ( 17gr FSP) and US MIL STD 662F. Meets and exceeds US ACH MIL SPEC V50 for 2, 4, 16, 64 and 17 gr fragments
  • Size and Weight - Medium, Large and Extra Large Weight 2.4 – 2.8 lbs
  • Colors - Standard Colors are Black, Tan and OD Green


For size related questions, please contact us. 


1 x Kevlar Helmet shell

2 x Pressed high strength Nylon side rails

1 x Retention & suspension system

2 x Side Memory Foam pads

2 x Top Memory Foam pads

1 x Back head Memory Foam pads

1 x Picatinny rail adapter

1 x Wing-loc adapter

1 x VAS Aluminum Shroud

2 x Bungee cords

2 x 36mm Goggle Swivel Clips