B-Tac DBAL IR Laser & Led Torch (Infrared Laser / Night Vision)

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In combat, operators do not use red dot sights with their night vision units, as you might see in the movies. Instead, they rely on units like the DBAL to aim at their targets, under the cover of darkness.

With the IR laser activated, while wearing night vision goggles, such as the PVS-14 unit used by the US Military, the laser will appear as a constant beam. This is entirely unlike visible laser pointers - where you can only see the pointer on the object it is reflecting on.



  • Visible torch / flashlight (400 lumens)
  • Visible red laser 
  • Invisible (Infrared / IR) Laser 
  • Windage & elevation adjustments 
  • High quality aluminum construction
  • Includes DBAL Laser Unit, pressure pad switch
  • Powered by (1) CR123 Battery

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