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b-Tac Composite Body Armor Plates [6x8" Side Plates] Level 4

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Introducing b-Tac's NEW 6″x8″ Level IV composite plates. The plates are start as a ceramic inner core and are then wrapped with Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), making these plates much less likely to be damaged versus other plates. Lab certified to meet NIJ Level 4 requirements, rated for rounds up to 30.06 Armor Piercing rounds.



TESTING: The second photo above is an example of b-Tac's Level 4 plate, versus a variation of calibers, none of them penetrated the back of the plate. 

  • Size:        6"x8"
  • Protection Level:  NIJ IV Stand Alone (Rated up to 30.06/.308 Armor Piercing round)
  • Armor Type: Alumina (AKA AL2O3) & PE Composite Armor
  • Performance: Multi shot capability
  • Shape:Rectangle 
  • Finishing: With Sponge seal to ensure comfort fitting, wrapped and sealed with waterproof cover.