American Heritage Ammunition Cartridge Poster (Special Edition)

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The Rifleman's Classic bullet poster is full color - 38" wide and 26" tall. Images are all actual size (within 4/1000 of an inch). The poster includes all American Standardized Rifle Cartridges (as of 2014) and many European Rifle cartridges. The poster is a good representation of military cartridges dating back to WWI and includes cartridges such as the 13X92mm MSR and the 55 Boys.

The poster displays 272 unique rifle cartridges.

This poster works complimentary to Cartridge Comparison Guide book and the BIG BORE and American Standard Posters.

Shipping: Posters are packaged in mailing tubes. Multiple poster orders will be combined into a single mailing tube with reduced shipping costs. Packages are insured. If you receive a damaged tube please Refuse Delivery. The package will be returned and a replacement poster will be issued.