9 Gifts for The Gun Guy or Girl in Your life

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            Ok, let me just say right up front, my sincerest apologies to you gun gals, but as a guy I can only speak for the gun GUYS out there. Although I know for a fact that many of these gift ideas will appeal to the Gun Gals as well and I have included a couple just for the ladies, too. So, what to get your favorite gun guy/gal for Christmas? Well, any "gun guy/gal" worth the title already has guns, right? So, for your beloved gun guy/gal, it's time to accessorize. Gift giving with a purpose through CDH.


What good are guns without ammo, right? There's no such thing as "too much ammo"! Now that we have the obvious out of the way, now what? It has often been said that "firearms are Barbies for men", but believe me you gun gals out there can accessorize and help your gun guys. Every firearm has it's own almost infinite list accessory options, so we'll just take a look at a few to give you some ideas.





CDH 1911 Custom Grips

For the 1911 gun guys/gals, custom grips are always a great way to personalize your firearm. Here is a great place to start, Cold Dead Hands Custom Grips, and your purchase helps support our advocacy efforts. For more options you can check out Martyn Engraving and/or Rio Grande Custom Grips.



LanTac Dragon Muzzle Break

So, what if your gun guy/gal is into long guns? Well, the AR-15 platform is the most popular in America, so let's just take a look at a few ideas for those. The accessories, build options and parts upgrades available for the AR-15 platform are extensive to say the least, here's a SMALL SAMPLE from Lantac USA and Alex Pro Firearms.


APF Nickel/Boron Coated Bolt Carrier Group

Some of you may be looking at the above suggestions and thinking, "Well, I'm not really sure what my gun guy/gal might like or how they are planning their build, so what other option are there?" If you're not sure your gun guy/gal would want a NiB BCG (Nickel/Boron bolt carrier group) or a top notch muzzle brake - they do. But hey, you're gonna need stocking stuffers and other gifts as well, so let's look at some other options.


But first, a word from our sponsor... (relax people, it's a joke) Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. [photo credit to Photoshop] Check out that Cold Dead Hands Coffee Mug.


[No Michael Bloomberg is not an actual sponsor, but he has been a driving force behind the growth of the gun industry]

A clean and well-lubed firearm is a happy firearm, so Liberal Tears Gun Lube (CLP) is one option with a political edge. The FrogLube FrogTube is another great option for grab and go firearms cleaning and care.




    Is your gun guy a manly man? How about giving him the manliest way to open a bottle (without using his teeth)? Here you have several option, like the 50 Cal. Alpha Bottle Opener, Alpha Key Ring Bottle Opener or perhaps the BottleComp Keychain Bottle Opener made from a flash hider/suppressor.



     Of course, clothes are a staple of Christmas gift giving, but please avoid the typical Christmas sweater temptation when buying for you gun guy. Is your gun guy a III%er? How about a III% T-SHIRT, HOODIE, PATCH OR DECAL?





If he's not a III%er (or doesn't want to advertise that fact) then how about something that shows his support for the 2nd Amendment and looks bad-ass to boot. Check These Out. For the Gun Gals we have a couple "ladies only" options like the Winged Tee and Rosie the Riveter designs from Armed Angel Apparel. Perhaps jewelry for you gun gal? Check these out, Ammo Earrings from ChArmed and Dangerous.


        Still not sure what to get? The options are endless and these are merely some suggestions, here are a few more great gift ideas for you to consider. Made In The USA Sunglasses from Liquid Eyewear or maybe some EXPLOSIVE range time fun from Oklahoma Patriot Supply Co. 1lb Binary Explosive Target. Does your gun guy/gal like old school, old world craftsmanship?





Check out this collection of Tomahawks from 2Hawks, custom made with old world craftsmanship that you just don't get in todays mass produced world. (*Note: due their handcrafted nature, these may not be ready by Christmas, but your gun guy/gal has a birthday coming up, right?


     I hope these gift ideas help you in your Christmas shopping and I'll leave you with this not-so-subtle reminder, any purchases made from the Cold Dead Hands Store help fund our advocacy. You get quality, reviewed products from freedom-loving patriotic small businesses and we fund our efforts out of our own profits rather than harass you for donations or membership dues.

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Happy Hunting, Lock and Load and Merry Christmas!

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