Six Shooter Brand Rifle Cartridge Bracer

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Six Shooter Brand Rifle Cartridge Bracer

$ 65.00 $ 39.95

This sleek handmade leather bracer is truly one of a kind and 100% MADE IN THE USA! 

Size, caliber and color selection will appear above, please allow this page to load completely before adding to your cart.

Ordering your custom bracelet is simple. Simply select the color you'd like and input your rifle or shotgun caliber and wrist size. 

Our expert leather-craftsmen will make your bracer to order and you will be wearing your handmade leather bracer with the caliber of your choice before you know it!

As this is a 100% Custom product, please read all product info listed on this page.

  • Handmade IN THE USA

  • Available in any caliber (rifle/shotgun)

  • 8oz top grain leather 

  • Stainless line 24 snaps 

  • Made to your specific wrist size

  • Pleas allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery. Holidays, national emergencies, global pandemics, civil wars, world wars, thermonuclear warfare and disgruntled postal employees may cause delays.
  •  Ammo not included.


Q: How do I measure my wrist? 

A: Take a piece of string and wrap it once around your wrist loosely. Mark or cut the string at the spot where it completes the wrap and measure the string with a ruler or measuring tape. 

Q: Do you offer my caliber? 

A: We most likely do, place your order with your caliber of choice and we will let you know if we have any concerns. 

Q: What measurement do you need? 

A: We need your actual wrist measurement. Bracelet length will vary 1-2" larger. If you would like a snug fit, order .5 or 1" smaller.