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Affordable Care My A$$ Vinyl Bumper Sticker

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This 11" x 2.75" vinyl bumper sticker will let everyone know exactly how you feel about our NEW healthcare reform!  

The words tell it all!

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Jack B.
United States

Great customer service!

Great customer service!

Gun Lovin' Douchebag


How did you think of this? This is the cleverest thing I have ever fucking seen! Move over Bill Maher! Look out Jon Stewart! There's a new sheriff of political comedy in town! I get it! You're saying it's not affordable with the dollar signs where the "ss" would be! And That's Obama's logo in the 'o'! I'm getting one to go with my Calvin peeing on Obamacare! Never mind that that I can't be turned down for a preexisting condition or that the insurance companies can no longer put a cap on a payout for a devastating illness and it is really not a government takeover of health care at all but just some oversight on a private industry that is raking in unfathomable profits by lying to its customers and refusing to pay out rightful claims or that this legislation was an idea put forth by the Heritage Foundation and supported by Republicans. That guy is black! Who the fuck does he think he is! If I want to get cornholed by a bunch of old white billionaires it's my fucking business! I'm an American! I want my state to take every last dollar that it sucks from the teats of the libtard blue states who aren't smart enough to take advantage of federal dollars like red states typically do and supply all of our citizens with this wonderful product so we can show those jackasses how brilliant we are every time we go to the ballot box and vote for assholes who will laugh at us while they fuck us in the ass because we're too goddam stupid to educate ourselves on where our best interests lie.