Armed Angel Apparel

Armed Angel Apparel was launched in 2015, to bring designs to all of our gun girls. We asked all the right questions and found out that the biggest theme throughout all of their answers was: "Because tough doesn't have to look it" 

They wanted clothing that was made to compete in this game of life, but left them looking like the women they are...  They wanted others to know that they refused to be victims and were willing to defend the life and liberty of not only themselves and their loved ones, but others who may not be able to defend. 

From t-shirts to yoga pants, and all parts in-between... we embarked upon that journey to bring the very best products, for the very best prices. A message that resonates across all genders while recognizing the feminine.

Ladies we appreciate your input. If you have suggestions, please leave them in a review and we will do all we can to bring you exactly what you want. And if we use any suggestions... of course you will get a free sample for your creativity. 

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