A Frail New World: Digital Conspiracy

A Frail New World: Digital Conspiracy

Patrick James ·

Written by CDH's own Patrick James, "A Frail New World: Digital Conspiracy" is a roller-coaster ride of patriotism, conspiracy, relationships, loss and political intrigue. You will never trust your cell phone or computer again. The implications and possibilities of this tale will call into question the digital-dependence of the world we live in. 

Get your own copy on Amazon @ http://amzn.to/17eFQcL or in paperback our store at: A Frail New World: Digital Conspiracy All books purchased through the CDH Store, can be personalized and signed by Patrick James, at the purchaser's request. 

Amazon Customer Reviews:

  • "This book will definitely make you look at the digital world around you in a new light. If you are expecting a dry conspiracy theory laid out in painful detail, this is NOT that book. While there is definitely plenty of meat and potatoes for the conspiracy buffs, there are also endearing characters, intense romance, elaborate character relationships, politics, intrigue and the list goes on. Cars, guns, technology, shadow government agency, explosions, sex, violence and pretty much anything and everything any reader is looking for in a book. What more can I say, other than why haven't you read it yet?"


  • "I am always on the lookout for a great book, and I sure didn't have to look far. This author is one I had liked on my Facebook page, and when I saw he had a book out, I was instantly intrigued. Patrick James is definitely aware of what could be or is going on in our country. This book examines the perfect storm that takes the reader on a ride from the beginning to the end without taking so much as a breath. It has many twists and turns and his characters are very easy to relate to as well as fall in love with. God fearing men who would stop at nothing to save America from Tyranny. He left me wanting more, as well as making me more aware of our Government. Or lack of. After reading this book, I am not doubting the very patriot that Patrick James is. One we should all strive to be. I believe, like Patrick does, that Americans need to be more informed of what is truly going on in America.
    Highly recommend! Trust me* I can only hope he comes out with another one to follow this one."


  • "Very engaging story, I read through this in under four days - I lost Anita of sleep, but like all great authors, I just could not put it down - looking forward to the next one - hurry up already!!!"


  • "I read this book in a couple of sittings, couldn't hardly put it down! I like Patrick's style of writing and the plot of this story. The ''good guy's' and 'bad guy's' were credible and not superhuman in their abilities. Mr. James use of descriptors leaves nothing to be desired, effective and accurate. I look forward to the next book by Patrick James!!!"


 -Update 2021-

The paperback version of A Frail New World: Digital Conspiracy is available on both Amazon Prime and our store here. If you order from the CDH store, Patrick will personalize each copy sold, personally. 

- See more at: http://www.colddeadhands.us/Reviews/tabid/59/ctl/ArticleView/mid/515/articleId/48219/categoryId/45/A-Frail-New-WorldDigital-Conspiracy.aspx#sthash.wgUfZ3KX.dpuf

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