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Alex Pro Firearms, APF, AR, AR Parts, AR-15, Bolt Carrier Group, Firearms, NiB BCG, Nickel Boron, Reviews -

When Garrett, from Alex Pro Firearms asked Cold Dead Hands to do a review on their Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group, I said to myself; “Sure, why not? I’ve heard a lot of hype over the NiB (nickel boron) plating, but never actually tested one.” Let’s face it, if you’re like me, who wouldn’t want something that makes clean up easier? Just ask my ex’s... I hate cleaning and sure enough, a NiB plated bolt carrier makes clean up a breeze. Now before I get into the details of the review and the “praise” this company and their BCG will...

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Handguns, Holster, HT Holsters, Reviews -

A variety of thoughts came up when I was asked to test HT holsters. Who are they? What are they? So while waiting I decided to educate myself on the company and products. HT ( Holster Tech) is a Finnish company that focuses primarily on tactical holsters for military and law enforcement applications. When the day arrived I tore the package open like a 6 year old on a “sugar buzz” (some things never change I guess) then proceeded to remove each component so I could take a long hard look at what I had in front me. Thoughts of...

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2Hawks, Craftsmanship, Old World, Reviews, Tomahawk -

        Once in a while something comes along that completely catches you off guard and takes you back in time. This is exactly what happened to me, the day I walked up to Devin Price’s table at the Wannemacher Gun show in Tulsa. I was captivated by the display of ‘old world’ tomahawks laid out on the table. Saying his hawks are a work of art is almost an understatement to their beauty... because truthfully they are mesmerizing. If you are a ‘blade guy or girl' (I don’t want to insult our beautiful counterparts), you might understand...

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1911, Craftsmanship, Firearms, Grips, Handguns, Modern, Old World, Reviews -

Interestingly, I meet a lot of different people through our page and site, and Mike Martyn is one of those people. When I first caught a glimpse of Mike’s work, it was from an offhand picture on Facebook of a friend’s new grips. Now I’m here to say, these grips made the handgun really stand out in the picture, so naturally I had to inquire as to where she got them. This how I came to meet this modern day metalsmith. Mike Martyn of Martyn Engraving is exactly that... an old school engraver, in a time of CNC and Laser...

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