Press Release: Cold Dead Hands Re-Launch

Press Release: Cold Dead Hands Re-Launch

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"'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

No, the year 2020, and into 2021, has been pretty much a dumpster fire across the board, for many reasons. The pandemic being only one. All things considered though, Cold Dead Hands (CDH, Inc) is still here and emerging from the crucible with a new lease on life.

Long before the pandemic hit there were challenges with social media censorship, for example. Despite having 2.5 million followers, on Facebook alone, CDH was harassed with bogus or trivial "fact checks" and supposed "community standards" violations, had their ability to advertise revoked and the CDH founders had their personal Facebook accounts permanently banned. Yet they left the Cold Dead Hands Facebook page up, just minus its two main admins. No warnings on their personal accounts, no reasons given and no ability to appeal. The CDH Facebook page, though still there had its reach reduced to the point of being a virtual shadow ban and the CDH Instagram page with over 130K followers was removed completely, again with no rhyme, reason or appeal.

Facebook and Instagram provided about 90% of the traffic to the CDH Store, which was devastating enough, but then the pandemic hit. The pandemic itself caused a whole host of other issues; economic shutdowns, supply chain issues, shipping delays and suppliers that just went out of business completely. Being Texas based was one saving grace, benefitting from a much lighter government crackdown than many other states endured.

It's now halfway through 2021, Texas and many other states are open for business and CDH Inc is rising from the ashes like a Phoenix. The result of a lot of hard work, fervent prayers and a lot of faith over the last 18 months or so is that CDH Inc, Cold Dead Hands, has literally reinvented itself.

Now CDH Inc is announcing their relaunch with a newly revamped online store and expanding engagement with a variety of new social media platforms. Rolling out new brand partnerships, refocusing on Made in America products, as much as possible, and more message and advocacy driven products. They also announced plans for a new email newsletter and membership program, coming soon.

For those who are not familiar with CDH, Inc (Cold Dead Hands), they are a self-funded, for-profit, advocacy group, supporting their advocacy efforts with store proceeds rather than begging for donations or membership dues. They set their business plan and advocacy up that way in order to avoid being silenced or regulated by the government strings attached to 501C3/4 nonprofits and lobbyists. Unfortunately, that model offered no protection from big tech censorship and apparently even being the President of the United States doesn't even protect you from big tech censorship, but that's a whole other topic.

Cold Dead Hands, CDH, Inc, is announcing their return and continued commitment to 2nd Amendment and Liberty Advocacy from their Founding Father Doctrine, Original Intent and Christ-centric foundations. Reflected in their brand partnerships with Condition One and Armed Angel Apparel, Red Chi Rho Brand, as well as their continued affiliation with B-Tac and Six Shooter Brand Leather.

Condition One Apparel - Cocked and Locked

Condition One Apparel is a brand focused on the gun community and gun rights. Cocked and Locked is how they rock. If you don't have one in the pipe, you're wrong.



Armed Angel Apparel
Armed Angel Apparel is focused on the female gun owners who want to express themselves in a feminine, yet tough as nails way. "Because tough doesn't have to look it."



Red Chi Rho Brand
Red Chi Rho Brand is Christ based designs and messaging using beautiful and ancients Christian symbology and Bible verses. Focusing on the personal and individual relationship over the dogma and doctrine of organized religion. Relationship over Religion.



All of the partner brand products are printed and shipped within the USA and product lines range from t-shirts and hats to water bottles, camping mugs and activewear.


B-Tac - a BraveGear Brand
B-Tac has undergone some changes during the pandemic, having lost much of their product line due to supply issues and other pandemic related pressures. However, the CDH Store will continue to carry their available products and likely new products as they are developed and brought into production.



Six Shooter Brand Leather
Six Shooter Brand Leather has been a CDH partner almost since their inception and will be expanding their product line, as well, including the Cold Dead Hands exclusive Bullet Bracelet. All Six Shooter Brand Leather products are handcrafted and Made in the USA.


Though the entire world has been through an almost unprecedented ordeal, CDH, Inc (Cold Dead Hands Advocacy Group) would like to make it clear that they have weathered the storm and are ready to rise to new heights of business, advocacy and patriotic American entrepreneurship, with your help and support.

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  • I dig just about every Sentence in those paragraphs y’all written so far! The road only continues..

    A. Gonzalez

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