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Inforce APL Review

Last month, my INFORCE APL arrived and I was extremely surprised at how light the package was; then again the APL only weighs 2.83 ounces so that was to be expected. I had been reading some great reviews on these from some reviewers out there, so I decided that wanted to give it a try. More so, the lighter weight of the APL gave it a distinct advantage over my StreamLight TLR-1.

When I first took the APL out of the box I was astounded by how sturdy the body its body is, considering that it weighs so little. The mounting system on it is very nice; it literally makes installation a snap. There is no thumb screw to tighten it down, just a nice firm lever.

The light is very bright (200 Lumens). - Yes I know there are many other lights out there that offer higher lumens. However, in all honesty if you’re mounting this on a home protection gun then you should have no issue with it. Its business end can easily stun a burglar who was relying on natural night vision. While shining it in my backyard its beam is able to completely light up my fence line and then some.

The two options for lighting are constant and momentary. To use the constant setting, all you have to do is activate either switch and the light will stay on until you want it off. Momentary is a pretty innovative idea, you must keep your finger depressed on the switch to activate the light; Once you remove your finger the light automatically shuts off. After some experimenting, I have found the momentary setting to be my favorite. 

As far as actual sturdiness and use on a firearm I have not had the opportunity to take it out to the range yet. Once I do, I will make sure to post a follow-up and range report.  All in all, I have dropped it a few times doesn't show any scratches or dents. It has held up pretty well around the house, but I would definitely like to put it through a bit of a torture test in the future.

By SpartanTC