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Inforce WML Review

Recently I got my hands on the Inforce WML, I already own their APL and it is one tough little light that is super easy to switch from one weapon to the next, needless to say I am a fan of it. Up until recently though I had not seen a WML in person, so when I removed it from the box I was excited to check it out.

The first thing I noticed was how well it is built and even though it is on the lighter side, it is solid. The mounting system is really easy to use and when locked down has absolutely no wiggle.
The light has 3 options, High, Low, Strobe and the switching between them is very simple. Speaking of the switch I really like the way that it is contoured into the light body making it very easy to set your thumb on it in a natural position, also the locking bar to keep it from accidentally being turned on works and is easy to manipulate.

I had the opportunity to mess around with it a little bit last night around the house and back yard, and despite being 125 Lumens it is very bright thanks to the light being white, I am sure at greater distances it would become a little harder to see but honestly for myself the only time the light would ever be used would be around the property or when out hunting and getting back to the trucks when the sun starts to set.

From the Inforce Website:
Product Specifications:

Light Output, White LED
High: 125 lumens
Low: 30 lumens
Run Time, White LED
High: 2 hours
Low: 10 hours
Multifunction Button/Activation Switch Features:
• Constant and Momentary High, Low and Strobe
• Reversible High/Low to Low/High Capability
• Strobe Disable
Measurements: 4.1" L. x 1" Bezel D.
Weight w/ Batteries: 3 oz.
Batteries: 1 x 123A Lithium

By SpartanTC